Pafos casinos have managed to become quite popular with locals and visitors to Cyprus, despite the fact that it is one of the smaller towns in Cyprus.

This, as things stand, has not prevented it from attracting investment and being a destination where one can combine beautiful beaches and nightlife with gambling and all the ‘package’ that Paphos casinos have to offer.

Specifically, there are two Paphos casinos, C2 Casino, which is part of a strong chain with facilities in several cities, and Julius Caesar, which is an independent, essentially family-run casino.

The Paphos casinos, both the two existing ones and those expected to be erected in the future, as a result of the development of the area, are not just a gambling spot, but a place with a variety of facilities, which offer you a total gambling and dining experience, where you can simply visit to admire the beautiful atmosphere while choosing a meal or a drink.

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The C2 Casino

The C2 Casino in Paphos, Cyprus.

The Pafos C2 casino is another member of the large family of Melco Group, which has invested in casinos both on the island of Cyprus and in selected locations around the globe, such as Macau, the Philippines, etc.

This is a company quite specialized in the gaming industry that seems to know how to build an ideal experience for its players. Specifically, the casino in Paphos is located in Geroskipou and has a total area of about 500m².

You will of course find enough tables to play all the popular games, such as:

  • roulette,
  • blackjack,
  • holdem poker,

etc., but also several slot machines of all kinds.

Apart from gaming, C2 casino in Paphos also offers food and drink to its guests through the stylish Columbia Bisto that you can visit to take a relaxing break from the game.

The menu contains everything from simple snacks to impressive international cuisine dishes that will be unforgettable. It is located within the casino premises.

You’ll find this Casino also in Nicosia and Limassol.

The Paphos Julius Caesars Casino

The Paphos Julius Ceasars Casino is the largest casino in the area and has built a strong name over the years of operation. It is a family-run casino that is not owned by a powerful group, with the owners being in charge of the operation personally and paying attention to every detail.

You’ll have access to a multitude of different table games, in impressive rooms with beautiful aesthetics and elegant details to play blackjack, roulette, poker and Texas Holdem. And lots of slots, of course.

The casino’s bartenders are ready to prepare everything from the simplest drinks to sophisticated cocktails to accompany your game, and you’ll find a wide selection of snacks, just in case you get hungry.

The casino has adopted quite an entertaining character and is a place to socialise, with music events being hosted several nights. If you are lucky, on the day you visit you will meet Greek, British or Russian musicians who will make your evening at Julius Caesars Casino even more enjoyable.

The casino is located in the north of Paphos city, more specifically in the area of Chloraka, and is also accessible by bus.

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