The purpose of the National Betting Authority’s (NBA) Safe Gaming Week, which will take place from October 3 to October 9 in 2022 and will be held for the fifth year in a row, is to educate players and the general public in general about the responsible and safe use of betting and gaming.

According to a statement released by the National Betting Authority, the NCA intends to inform, raise awareness, and simultaneously involve and mobilize society in the effort to promote safe gaming and protect the general public from the consequences of problem gambling through the actions that will be implemented.

The 5th Safer Gambling Week in Cyprus

The week kicks out with the highly fascinating 5th Safer Gaming Conference on October 3rd, which sets the tone for the remainder of the events.

At the conference, topics such as gambling-related harms and the public health system, automated customer interaction as a tool to prevent problem gambling and problem gambling behaviors, and how to enhance the voluntary use of safe gambling tools by moderate risk gamblers, among other topics, will be on the agenda for discussion.

In addition, themes such as recent advances on safe gambling concerns at the European level, the attitude taken by the public health community to the gambling business, and the participation of women in gaming will be examined.

Throughout the Week, interactive activities will take place at private and public universities across the nation, camps will host activities, and an interactive game called “Keep the game safe quiz” will allow players to test their knowledge, respond to questions about responsible gambling, and obtain information. These gatherings aim to educate and inspire young people.

In addition, there will be interactive training sessions for personnel at the agency on “Recent innovations in building a safe play environment.” In addition, the employees of the agencies that are overseen by the NAC will be invited to attend a seminar on topics like sustainable practices, the ESG concept, and safe play.

Additionally, informational and awareness efforts will be carried out during each and every football game in the A and B Divisions.

The “Keep the Ball Safe” 3×3 Amateur Basketball Tournament will be hosted in partnership with the Cyprus Basketball Federation on the 8th of October, 2022. The tournament will take place on that day.

The goal of the Safe Gaming Week, according to Ioanna Fiacou, President of the NAC “was to educate the public about what safe gaming entails, what self-protection measures a player may take, what the risks of excessive gambling are, and how compulsive gambling can be treated.”

This was stated by Fiacou. “The goal of the Safe Gaming Week was to inform the public about what safe gaming means”.

Ms. Fiakkou brought to our attention that the motto for this year’s event, which is being held under the “Play is Wanted Limits” highlights the fact that “the Authority through its actions will invite the public to reflect on its relationship with gambling.”

Play is Wanted Limits is a slogan that was created by the gambling industry. To sense, to observe, to hear, to reflect, to ponder, to query, and to draw conclusions with the primary goal of preserving the game’s pleasant qualities while ensuring that it remains healthy and within its boundaries “.

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