Stay informed with the latest on Cyprus’s vibrant casino scene, where new developments are continually reshaping the landscape. 

In this article, we delve into the most recent and upcoming casino openings in Cyprus, ensuring you have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips. From the recently opened City of Dreams Mediterranean to other future projects, we cover all the exciting additions and planned developments in the Cypriot casino industry.

Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or simply curious about the newest casino attractions, our regularly updated content keeps you in the loop with the latest in Cyprus’s casino world.

Recent Casino Openings in Cyprus

Cyprus’s casino scene has recently been revitalized with the opening of the City of Dreams Mediterranean. This new development, situated in Limassol, marks a significant addition to the island’s gaming and leisure offerings. As the largest casino and integrated resort in Europe, it represents a major milestone in Cyprus’s casino industry.

City of Dreams Mediterranean: 10th July 2023

The City of Dreams Casino which opened it doors in June 2023 in Cyprus.

This expansive resort, called City of Dreams, which covers over 14.8 acres, cost more than 637 million euros to build and currently employs around 2,000 staff. It features an 80,000-square-foot casino with 750 slot machines and 75 gaming tables, catering to a broad spectrum of players, from casual guests to serious gamblers.

With these massive numbers, it is officially the biggest Casino in Cyprus.

The resort’s amenities extend beyond gaming, offering a diverse range of dining options, luxury retail outlets, and commitment to sustainable practices, including a solar power system. This project is not just a gaming destination but a comprehensive leisure and entertainment complex, aimed at attracting tourists year-round and contributing significantly to the Cypriot economy.

While the City of Dreams Mediterranean stands out as the latest major development, the casino landscape in Cyprus continues to evolve, promising exciting prospects for both players and the tourism sector.

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Are there new Casinos opening in Cyprus anytime soon?

As of now, there are no new projects for casinos in the pipeline, either in the Republic of Cyprus (the southern part) or in the Turkish Cypriot area in the north. Our focus remains on providing the most current and comprehensive information about Cyprus’s casino industry. 

While the recent opening of the City of Dreams Mediterranean has been a significant development, no further casino projects have been announced. 

We continually update our content to reflect any new developments, so we encourage readers to bookmark this article and check back for future updates on new casino openings in Cyprus.

Why Are There So Few Casinos Projects in Cyprus?

The limited number of casino projects in Cyprus can be attributed primarily to the country’s strict casino regulations. Currently, Cyprus maintains a highly regulated gambling environment:

  • Land-Based Casinos: The National Betting Authority of Cyprus (NBA) has issued only one land-based casino license, which is strictly regulated. This limitation naturally restricts the number of casino projects in the country.
  • Online Casinos Prohibited: Online casino websites are completely banned in Cyprus. The only permitted online betting activities are those holding a Class B licence from the NBA, and these exclude online casino games of chance, slot machines, and electronic horse racing.
  • Restriction on Casino Products: Specifically, casino products are strictly and explicitly prohibited, emphasizing the country’s stringent approach towards this segment of the gambling industry.

These regulations reflect Cyprus’s cautious stance on gambling, focusing on tightly controlled and limited casino ventures. While this approach ensures a regulated gambling environment, it also means fewer casino projects, both online and land-based. Our content is regularly updated to keep readers informed about any changes or new developments in Cyprus’s casino regulations.

Every further information about the current gambling regulations in Cyprus can be found on the iclg website.

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